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Calling all NYC runners... We’d like to introduce our NEW INDOOR RUN DRILLS classes! We developed this program for the NYC running community to address problems that frankly, most runners just don't.

Our goal with Run Drills is to help you run faster, stronger and injury free. We have the tools to make you fast: resistance parachutes and bands to push you harder, plyometric boxes and sandbags to get you stronger and balance boards and pads to keep you well balanced to name a few... We are also bringing back our original RUN + YOGA classes every Wednesday to help keep flexible to help you run more.

So any runner whether your a causal 2 to 3 times per week runner, NYRR member, belong to a NYC Run Club or you're a treadmill runner at a studio or a gym you will benefit from our Run Drills classes. Plus everyone knows that running and early morning workouts are the best for calorie burning. See you in class!

We also give special discounts when you sign up with a group of 4 or more so bring friends we have the room! Plus with our ***VIP membership*** you can bring a friend or running buddy for free at every workout!

We were the first to offer our unique outdoor Fitness Runs classes. Now, we’re indoors and ready to continue our passion for running and fitness! Join us and we’ll help you get your run on!

LOCATION: FastBreak Kids, 1629 1st Avenue (between 84th and 85th)

HOURS: M-F 6am to 9am


Taught by certified running coaches, personal trainers and fitness instructors that all specialize in running.

Take the skills you learn from our classes and apply them when you run! You will see the results!

Improve your running times. We guarantee Run Drills will make you faster!

Increase flexibility with specific stretches that all runners should be doing.

Build connections and socialize with like minded runners. Both are important in making exercise a regular part of life.

Ask Us! If you have questions about nagging injuries, what shoes to buy, races to enter, etc? Our coaches can help!

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We’ll give you the drills and the expertise from experienced coaches to get you there!
Whether you just started running or have been running for years these classes will bring you to another level!

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some frequently asked questions for you

Are they certified and insured running coaches?

Certified and experienced coaches will be leading every group run.

What days do the run club meet?

We meet on Tuesday (Track/ Hill/ Speed Runs), Thursday (Hill/ Tempo Runs) and Saturday/ Sunday (Long Runs).

How does pacing work with different levels of runners?

Run coaches will be leading in the group runs, another at the back and they will go at the pace of the slowest and fastest runners, which helps to keep everyone from getting lost or left behind.

How can I save money on joining?

Sign up with a friend and you both save 25% off whatever package you choose. Contact me and I will give you the promo code to purchase



*all promo packages expire in one week

*all regular packages expires in 3 months.

    $85.50 (reg. $95)
  • 10 CLASSES
    $162 (reg. $180)
    $224.10 (reg. $249)

Check out some of the benefits for VIP Memberships:
  • Save 10% off regular prices.
  • 50% off all Fitness Runs classes.
  • 50% off our Run Club.
  • You get to bring one guest for FREE at every workout.
  • Your package has hassle free auto-renew.

*must commit to 3 months for all membership packages




some frequently asked questions

Where is the location of Run Drills?

We do our classes at FastBreak Sports at 1629 1st Avenue (between 84th and 85th)

What are the hours and days of the RUN DRILLS classes

Our indoor classes are from 6am to 9am (3 classes daily) Monday thru Friday. We also have outdoor classes in 5 different locations in Manhattan. Go HERE for our schedule for the outdoor classes. Pricing is different so you will have to buy a fitness Runs package if you wanted to do classes outdoors. However if you are a VIP Member of RUN DRILLS you get the outdoor classes 1/2 off.

Do you give group discounts for NYC Running or Triathlon Clubs?

Fitness Runs the parent company of Run Drills support teams and all Running Clubs in NYC including any triathlon clubs by offering team/group discounts. For exclusive discounts have your Head Coach contact us for more details: nathaniel@fitnessruns.com. Ask about more advance options such as weekly classes, private classes exclusively for your team, etc.

Is there a discount if I bring one or two friends?

Yes, you can simply contact Nathaniel at nathaniel@fitnessruns.com and if all of you (minimum of 3 people) signup you can all get a save 20% off on any of our packages including our auto-renew packs which is a great savings. Also with the VIP Monthly Unlimited Memberships you can bring one FREE GUEST at each workout.

Do you offer yoga classes for runners or athletes?

Yes, we offer our Run + Yoga class every Wednesday. It's a hybrid work-out that combines an intense 30-minute cardio burst, followed by a 30-minute yoga series designed especially for runners, that infuses strength and flexibility exercises critical to optimizing your body's performance. Whether you’re an average runner to elite runner or a competitive cyclist to a 4x a week Soul Cycle or flywheel fan we can help you perform at your best!

I'm a new runner. Is Run Drills classes for me?

Of course they are! Our goal is to make you a better runner. The skills you learn from our classes can be applied right away to your own personal running regimen. Also if you still feel like you need some extra help sign up for our One Day Workshop for Beginners. Further more you can get additional coaching from our outdoor Fitness Runs classes that run all year long. We also offer one on one coaching for new and seasoned runners as well.

How can I save money on joining?

Sign up with a 3 or more friends and you can save 20% off any package you choose. Contact me nathaniel@fitnessruns.com. Also any of our VIP Membership Packages with auto-renew you will save you the most money. Contact me if you have additional questions.

Do you offer any outdoor classes?

Yes, we do! If you go to Fitness Runs you can get more details on our outdoor classes. Here is out FULL SCHEDULE of both indoor and outdoor classes.